The Company

The Company “Pulse of Fashion” was founded in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1995 and has specialized in the production of clothing made of circular knitted fabrics.
In 2005 the people of “Pulse of Fashion” chose to become certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). This in turn made them the first textile producer in Greece to do so. This certification has since been renewed every year without exception.
Through our pioneering role and the experience we have gathered over the years we have become the first and most important source to turn to when it comes to the production of sustainable clothing in Greece. Today “Pulse of Fashion” exclusively produces sustainable clothing.
“Pulse of Fashion” is a purely exporting business and our main clients are based in Germany and other German speaking countries. The owners of the company have studied and lived in Germany and know the country and its people. We “speak the same language” as our clients.
Our corporate motto is “we make your clothes” and the production of these clothes can be retraced.
It is our pleasure to hear from you!

The Fabrics

Our range of fabrics includes all circular knitted fabric types (single, interlock, rip, sweat, frottee, teddy, nicki-velour, jacquardt, double-face jersey etc.) and are made out of a variety of sustainable yarn products such as organic grown Cotton Wool (kbA), organic Cotton Wool mixed with Kashmir or Linen, Wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT), Wool mixtures and Linen.
We work with single coloured as well as printed (using rotary and digital printing) fabrics. Stripes made out of coloured yarns are also possible.
Our fabrics can be produced in a large variety of colours from melange yarns (everything of course being GOTS certified).
All of our fabrics are exclusively produced in Greece and held to high quality standards. They are meticulously treated and processed.
It is important to mention that every part of the production chain (spinning mill, knitting mill, dye works, printing houses and manufacturing plants) is certified under GOTS and our clients receive their wares with the corresponding transaction-certificates.
It is also possible to obtain the fabrics as yard goods and produce pieces in your own or partnered manufacture.

Product Range

“Pulse of Fashion” does not market its own collection but produces using templates and by order from its clients.
The product range reaches from t-shirts, polo-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat-jackets, fleece-jackets and even trousers, dresses and skirts.
Pieces can be produced for women, men, children and babies.


  • Nafpaktos – Yarns
  • Südwolle
  • Spoerry
  • YNS
  • Adim
  • Garanti


  • Europe Knitting
  • Yarntex
  • Arte Tessuto
  •  dying/printing house Colora S.A.


  • Hess-Natur
  • Waschbär
  • Alma&Lovis
  • Lanius
  • WWF Switzerland
  • Grüne Erde